Dear Comedy Duo

Dear ScriptNess,

I attended one of your script writing workshops a month or so ago and I found it extremely helpful particularly as I want to work in TV comedy.

I am currently working with a co-writer on a series of short scripts for Channel Four’s Comedy Blaps submission.

We have been telling people that it’s XXXX meets XXXX to get an idea of the style we are going for.

I want the scripts that we submit (3 x 4 minute) to be the best that they can be and tick all the boxes for C4. i.e work as shorts and as an overall project.

Would this be something that you would be interested in, or could see working for what they are asking for? I would love to work with you on getting the scripts into the best shape they can be before we apply.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Dear Comedy Team,

I’m glad you found the workshop helpful and its great to hear you aiming for a specific channel and with a realistic goal – Blaps is a great entry point for new talent. It’s hard to say if the subject matter will work for Channel Four – it will entirely depend on how you handle it and the talent you have attached.

If you want me to read it as a freelance script editor, I can certainly do that. I charge £40 for shorts (up to 20 pages) so that should cover your 4 webisodes and I would like to see what you’ve filmed already.

A quick word on how I work. I also run a company, Mighty Sprite which runs alongside my freelance work. Although I have a very small slate of scripted projects under Sprite, be assured that I do not read anything that conflicts with those – and your’s doesn’t – scripts hitting the same subject matter will be returned unread. Also, to be clear, by reading and reporting on your project, Mighty Sprite does not have any ownership over your work. You are free to roam as nature intended!

Any questions? Fire away!