April 17, 2015

What You Can Expect

24-iStock_000000502748MediumDifferent projects at different stages require different levels of input. After an initial consultation where we will discuss the project and agree on whether I can be of help, the real work begins!

The script report will be tailored to your needs, whether that is to get you to the next stage of your project’s development or to help you get to that final polish. It will include detailed notes on any of the following areas: story structure, characterisation, dialogue, genre, tone and marketability.

You will not receive a synopsis of your own project as we’ll all work on the assumption that you know what you wrote!

Where appropriate, suggestions will be made on ways you might tackle any issues that arise. If you would like to discuss the points raised in further detail, you can book a Skype or phone meeting for an additional cost. The fees break down as fairly and comprehensively as possible. Please take a look at the rates page for further information.

If you would like to book a few development sessions overseeing a series of drafts, please get in contact for a discounted rate.

Any questions? Fire away!